Tòla. The only worktop with “controlled rotation” that improves your way of working!


Tòla is an Italian patent, 100% MADE IN ITALY, created from an in-depth analysis of times and methods.

It is the result of the idea, design and production of Gianluigi Poletto, a pizza maker from Vicenza with more than ten years of experience in the food service sector, who needed to optimise his working spaces, reduce labour costs and, if necessary, use NON-specialist staff to prepare pizzas.


Tòla  improves your work station in an intelligent manner, transforming even the smallest environments into extremely organised and productive work areas.

These are some of the strong points that make “Tòla” unique and essential:


It optimises the spaces you work in, thanks to its versatility


It increases productivity


It lowers staff costs


It increases profits (by up to 40%)


It improves posture and reduces tiredness


It simplifies cleaning and improves the hygiene in your locale


Very low running costs


It is easy to transport and adapts perfectly even to “street food”


How does it work?

Differently from the worktops of “standard” pizzerias that generally use a long and bulky rectangular base, Tòla, the rotary worktop, has a reduced size, making it perfect for creating a type of “assembly line” that improves productivity, even in small spaces.

With the rotary worktop Tòla, all those who prepare pizzas operate in the best way possible, at maximum speed, without useless efforts and without bumping into each other while they work. Summing up: maximum results with minimum effort.

Tòla offers a “work system” made of 3 elements (that can be purchased separately):

  1. a mobile glass worktop for rolling out the dough
  2. a mobile rotating table, made of glass or stainless steel, with a support for holding the main ingredients (mozzarella cheese and tomatoes)
  3. a mobile fridge for ingredient containers
Will it revolutionise my way of working?

It might not revolutionise your way of working, but those who choose Tòla, the rotary worktop, increase staff efficiency thanks to less movements, which reduces timewasting and limits wasted ingredients.

How does it improve productivity and product return?

Tòla, the rotary worktop, lets you create a kind of “assembly line” thanks to which rolling out the dough, adding toppings and placing pizzas in the oven become a continuous cycle, optimising the production phases and the times needed to take the product out of the oven. Your client receives a well-cooked, fragrant pizza quickly, and that’s guaranteed!

How does it improve my posture?

The rotary worktop Tòla truly allows you to work more comfortably and without special efforts.

Tòla is a fixed work station, studied to reduce chest twisting to a minimum, allowing you to work erect and using natural body movements.

Is it difficult to handle?

Absolutely not! Tòla, the rotary worktop, is easy to use and to clean, thanks to the closable top that always guarantees complete and effective cleaning.

In addition, thanks to the wheels with safety lock, it can be moved or put away easily, meaning more space in the work area when it is not being used.

Is it also suitable for takeaway pizzerias?

Tòla, the rotary worktop, is also recommended for takeaway pizzerias. Tòla maximises spaces. Above all, thanks to the “assembly line” system, it means you can work with staff that is not very expert and still guarantee fast delivery times.

Those in the sector are very familiar with the problem of staff turnover, that often leads to considerable amounts of time being lost in order to train new arrivals. With the rotary worktop Tòla, pizza production stays fast, no matter whether working in 2 or alone.

How? All you have to do is place the less expert person in the “topping” area (the tomatoes and cheese go into the 2 containers in the arm above the table, accessible to every operator) and the expert pizza maker in the oven area. In this manner there are 2 work stations that never impede each other but which operate at maximum efficiency and speed.

Can I use it outdoors?

Certainly. One of the characteristics that make Tòla, the rotary worktop, one of a kind is the fact that it can be moved easily both inside and outside the pizzeria when necessary, because:

  • it isn’t bulky (also thanks to the foldable worktop)
  • it comes equipped with wheels having safety locks
  • it isn’t heavy
  • it just needs a few watts of power
  • the “Tòla work system” fits easily inside a medium-sized van for “Street Food” events.